Auto Repair Concierge service at the Beverly Cummings Center

{If you're like us and shudder at the long boring list below, see just the BOLDED items.  It's our cheat sheet just for you.}

  • Make an appointment by booking online or calling our friendly staff
  • Our Cummings Center clients value that they can drop their car and keys off in the morning on their way into work, and then pick up at the end of their work day.  
    • For the best experience possible, drop your keys early in the morning and let us know if you car can visit with us nearly all day.
    • Tell us where you parked today.  It's crucial for the swiftest service.
  • Or, if you don't work at the Cummings Center and need your car back a bit quicker, you can visit with us in Loose Nut Garage's waiting room (Suite 105-F) or use any of the Cummings Center facilities while you wait.  Some example activities to keep you busy:
  • While you're working or playing at the Cummings Center, our car experts will be tackling your issues.  Your car will be driven < 1 mile to our garage at 126 Park Street.  This short drive gives our car experts the opportunity to verify any car complaints you're having and gives them a better idea where to begin.  Plus on a practical note, it gets your car to our lift without you having to do a thing.
  • If you give Loose Nut a pre-authorized limit we will swiftly complete all work up to or below that limit.  Anything above your limit or if any surprises are found, then our expert will call you to discuss the situation and get clearance to proceed.
    • Make sure we can reach you to have that discussion if it arises!!  Else it could delay getting your car back to you.
    • You tell us your preferred contact method, be it call, text or email.
  • ​Car repairs completed, you'll be notified when your car is as good as new and arriving back at the Cummings Center.
    • ​Your car will be parked in a spot easy to find, close to our main entrance door (100-E).
  • Visit our office to pay and pick up keys.  
    • ​We accept Cash, Checks, & Credit
  • ​​Your car is happy and so are you.
  • Visit us again and again, and we'll be happy too!

Unyielding Core Values:





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100 Cummings Ctr Suite 105F & 126 Park St Beverly, MA 01915

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